Three SkypePhone Manager

Note: This project is now open source and is being hosted on Google Code:

Three, in collaboration with Skype, created a revolutionary mobile phone which has Skype built directly into the phone itself, thus allowing the user to make free Skype to Skype calls (whether it be to or from another SkypePhone or Skype running on a PC).(Image: The 3 different coloured SkypePhones)

At just £50 PAYG or minimum £12 / month contract, the phone is an absolute bargain. It's truly awesome. Unfortunately, Three removed two important bits of functionality from the version of Skype on the phone, SkypeIn and SkypeOut.

For people that don't know, SkypeOut is an addon to Skype whereby you purchase credit and use it to phone landline numbers from your PC for a very low rate. It's pretty obvious why this functionality was left out of the SkypePhone, as it would have meant a big loss in revenue for Three. SkypeIn is another Skype addon which allows you to purchase a landline number which, when called from any phone, will redirect into your Skype account. It's less obvious why this functionality was left out of the SkypePhone, but irritating nonetheless.

I have written a small, basic .NET Windows application which will emulate both SkypeIn and SkypeOut to and from your SkypeMobile. It can be downloaded for free from the SkypePhoneManager Google code project

Note: You will need version 2.0 of the .NET framework installed to run this application.

In order to set up the application, you will need a PC running constantly (or for the duration of your usage) with Skype installed on it.

  1. Create two Skype accounts, one for your PC and one for your phone (we will refer to these accounts as pcuser and mobileuser respectively)
  2. Log into Skype on the PC as pcuser, and add the mobile account to the contact list
  3. Buy a SkypeIn number and some SkypeOut credit for pcuser
  4. Set up forwarding for pcuser to a landline number you think you might call a lot (like your home phone), using Tools / Call Forwarding
  5. Log into your Skypephone as mobileuser and make sure you can make Skype calls back and forth between the PC and the phone
  6. Unzip the file you downloaded above to somewhere on your PC, like C:\SkypePhoneManager
  7. In the folder you unzipped to, edit the SkypePhoneManager.exe.config file and enter your mobile phone username in the appropriate space (e.g. mobileuser)
  8. Run SkypePhoneManager.exe, and select the option to always allow the application to use Skype. Leave the application running.

You can now perform three actions:

New features in v1.3:

Changing the voice message:

A few people have asked how to replace the voice included with the app with their own message asking the caller to wait. If you do make your own file to replace it then make sure you take the following into consideration:

  1. The file MUST be in the following format:

    Format: PCM WAV
    Sample Size: 16 bit
    Sample Rate: 16 bit
    Channels: 1 (mono)

    The Skype API will not play anything other than the above into a call.
  2. Leave a few seconds gap at the beginning of the file, otherwise the start of the file won't be played.
  3. Make sure the message isn't too long. Try and keep it about the same length as mine otherwise the end might get chopped off.
  4. Make sure your file has the same name as the existing file!

That's it! Let me know of any problems you get with the application. Happy Skyping!